Board of Directors

Officers 2023-24

LeAnne Hilderbran, President,, 828-964-6501
Jean Ellman-Brown, Vice-president,, 813-361-8782
Nancy Moretz, Treasurer,, 828-964-2645
Jay Fenwick, Secretary,, 828-265-9735
Sarah Grady, Past-president,, 828-773-7179

Directors 2023-24

Ian Ellman-Brown                           Chris Laine                          Ben Lucas                          Rhonda Medford
Denny Norris                                    Lois Proctor                        Bob Scouten                       Jim Stein

Directors serve staggered 3-year terms that begin in May after approval at the April general membership meeting. Directors can be added throughout the year as needed to complete term of a vacant position.
Officers are elected at the April general membership meeting. 

Past Directors

Janice Carroll              Johnny Carson             Todd Combs               Mark Crowell                 Cecil Gurganus

Eric Gustaveson         Bill Hutchins.               Lee Jessen                   Pam Kidder-Ashley        Karl Moretz            

Dan Norris                 Kay Philipp                   David Turlington III      Delmus Williams